Selling a Home?

Gulf Stream Realty can sell your home faster because we charge a commission of 3.9%! Here’s how:

Most Realtors will tell you that the ultimate amenity in this market is price. The lower the price, the easier it is to sell a home. It makes sense then that if you are not paying a high real estate commission (the largest single expense of the sale), you would be able to offer your property to a buyer for that much less – thereby attracting more buyers to your home. If you can list your home in a down market for 2% or 3% less than your neighbor because you don’t have to pay your Realtor a high commission, you are going to sell your home faster and net you the same amount of money at closing!

Gulf Stream Realty is a locally owned and operated company that is not affiliated with any bank, insurance company, national or international franchise organization that may require referral fees, franchise fees or national advertising fees. Also, agents in other firms have to split their commissions with their company – a lot of times up to 50% of the commissions they earn go to their company. Because of this, many agents are reluctant to reduce their commissions. Our low overhead allows us to seriously compete for your business.

As an incentive to the other real estate companies, we always offer them the “lion’s share” of the commission (2.5%), so they are also motivated to show and sell your home. Gulf Stream Realty simply reduces its side of the commission to 1.4% to help our sellers net more money at closing and sell their homes faster.

Before signing up with another Realtor at a traditional real estate company, ask them if they will reduce their side of the commission to 1.4% – They won’t do it!

Just because you pay a lower commission does not mean you will get inferior service! Gulf Stream Realty is a full-service real estate company. We offer the same service that other traditional real estate companies offer – in most cases, better service.

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