Discount Agent

Gulf Stream Realty is a locally owned and operated company that is not affiliated with any bank, insurance company, national or international franchise organization that may require referral fees, franchise fees or national advertising fees. Also, agents in other firms have to split their commissions with their company – a lot of times up to 50% of the commissions they earn go to their company. Because of this, many agents are reluctant to reduce their commissions. Our low overhead allows us to seriously compete for your business.

Home Sellers – Before signing up with another Realtor at a traditional real estate company, ask them if they will reduce their side of the commission to as low as 1.4% – They won’t do it!

So if they want to call us “Cheap” or “Discounters”, that’s fine with us.  At the end of the day, we will produce results that exceed your expectations and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

You should ask yourself which is more important – The name of the company on the sign in your front yard or saving thousands of dollars on your next real estate transaction.

Here is what our clients had to say:

“Our home was a high-end waterfront home and we were trying to sell in a very depressed market. After only seven days on the market we were under contract. We had two competing offers that drove the price up to 99% of our asking price. Also, we saved over $15,000.00 in real estate commissions. Thank you Gulf Stream Realty!”

Larry & Dianne K.

“We were looking for a beach house and we used Gulf Stream Realty to help us with our house hunting. They helped us negotiate $69,000.00 off the purchase price and Gulf Stream Realty gave us $2,625.00 of their commission back to us at closing.”

Mark & Bernie M.

“We had an oceanfront condo at Carolina Beach that I was trying to sell for a year and a half with another Realtor. Gulf Stream Realty had it sold in 14 days for 94% of our asking price. We also saved $4,725.00 in Realtor fees!”

Danny & Jo H.

“We sold our home for 99.5% of our asking price and saved $8,355.90 in commissions! We also had a same day closing on a home we bought and got over $800.00 back at closing. That was a total savings of over $9,000.00!”

Michael & Kim S.

“I saved almost $3,750 in Realtor commissions when I sold my home and received almost $900 back when I bought my home through Gulf Stream Realty”.

Phyllis A.

“I had been trying to sell my home for almost a year before I decided to list my home with Gulf Stream Realty. My home sold in 44 days and I saved almost $5,000.00 in commissions”.

George P.

“I had only a limited window from what I owed on my home and what I could sell it for. Gulf Stream Realty’s reduced commission structure enabled me to sell my home, even in today’s market. I saved about $4,700.00 in commissions”.

Michael & Karen B.

“We sold our home in 56 days with Gulf Stream Realty and saved over $4,750.00 in Realtor fees. We also purchased a home through them and received over $900 back at closing. We would recommend them to anyone”.

Ray & Debra E.

“We saved $8,400.00 in commissions using Gulf Stream Realty. We could not have done it without them”.

Drew & Chrissy H.

“We sold our home in less than 3 months and were able to net over $4,400.00 more at closing than we would have using a traditional real estate company”.

James K. & Debra S.

“I bought my home using Gulf Stream Realty and received over $2,700.00 back from them to help with closing costs! I would not have received anything back from a traditional real estate company. Why would you use anyone else?”

Sharon N.

“I bought a home using Gulf Stream Realty and they gave me over $1,400.00 of their commissions at closing. It was basically free money that I would not have received from another agent”.

Larissa T.

“I had to sell my home and sell it fast. It was a tough challenge given the current market conditions, but we had it sold in less than 3 months and got a full price offer! I saved $2,400.00 in commissions”.

Jonathan S.

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